Week 3 Update

Things are looking good so far in terms of learning Christmas songs.  So far I haven’t learned a full song but rather a bunch of songs half way through and I plan on learning these here in the near future.  Some of the songs I have been learning will be piano solos and some are going to be duets (piano and trombone).  Songs that are on the list so far are Last Christmas, Silent Night, Away in a Manger, Carol of the Bells, O Tannenbaum, and a few others.  I have not yet contacted a nursing home yet but I plan on doing so soon.  I am using a program called Sibelius 7 to notate my songs that Aaron and I can play together smoothly.  I also plan on playing at the Hotel Roanoke as they usually have pianos for people to play at freely during the Christmas season.  I can’t wait to keep practicing these songs.


The Christmas Update

Sometime during the past two weeks when I was learning new songs adding new spins on old ones I had an idea.  A couple of years ago my cousins and I were going to play Christmas music at a nursing home because we all love music and Christmastime is among the best to spread cheer.  However, we never had the chance to do so.  My new idea is to write jazzy or interesting spins on classic Christmas songs and then my cousin Aaron, who plays trombone, and I will play at a nursing home after we practice.  Since having this idea I have already begun on two songs: Last Christmas and Mary Did You Know?  If I continue on the track that I am on right now I should be able to have the songs written by the end of November or beginning of December so that Aaron and I can start practicing.

Gabe Plays Piano

Gabe Plays Piano

I have always loved to play piano.  There are so many good memories of me getting lessons from my grandmother, playing duets with my cousins, staying up late trying to figure out the patterns of a new and complex song.  For my 20 Time Project I would like to take everything I’ve learned about playing the piano over the years and create my own pieces.  I will write solo pieces, cover songs with my own spin, and maybe even a duet that I will by my myself (since the keyboard in the band room allows for pre-recorded audio).  Today I have familiarized myself with the keyboard in the band room and found out how it works and how to loop sounds over one another.  Within the next two weeks I hope to start writing my own pieces.